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PocketMEDIA enables you to distribute a consistant set of documents to your teams working in the field. It helps you overcome clunky paper-based processes and digitise your sales.

Carry the right content with you

Keep a curated set of up-to-date content with you at all times. Show PDFs, photos, videos, office documents and diagrams.

Document View in Pocket Media

Access your content anywhere, even on client sites.

Never worry about having no signal Documents are automatically downloaded to the device when you're at the office, so you can access them even in places with no wifi or 4G.

Share leave pieces with customers

Share leave pieces and other documents with clients by email or AirDrop.Protect your security by preventing sensitive documents from being shared. Analytics reveal how your content is being shared.



Watch this video to see PocketMEDIA in action

See how sales reps, engineers or trainers can use the app to browse and view content on their iPad or iPhone.

Learn how your content is used by your teams

Analytics reports let you know which content is being used in the field, and by who. See where your marketing investment is paying off, and which documents and pages are rarely viewed.

Upload PDFs, videos and images from the cloud

All content is managed from an easy-to-use content management hub hosted in the cloud. Works with any browser.

Have fine grained control over who can see documents

Invite employees to get them started. Control which teams can see which content. If people leave your company, instantly revoke access so they can't access materials.

Organise by territory, country and division

Organise global content by country. Assign country managers to look after their own country. Setup divisions to manage people and content separately by product or service area.

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