Frequently Asked Questions

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Content Sharing

What kinds of documents can I use?

You can use PDF files, images and videos. You can also use Microsoft Office documents. Because of how the iPad works, Office documents might not look as slick as they do on your desktop, so we advise exporting documents to PDF.

Will my team receive updates instantly?

When your back-office upload a new document, it will be immediately available to your field workers using the PocketMEDIA app on their iPad or iPhone. The app checks for updates each time it is activated, and downloads and changes.

What if my team don't have internet connectivity?

If your team won't have any connectivity once they're on the road, we'd advise them to open the app once each evening or morning before leaving the house. This makes sure they always have the latest updates.

Does it work offline?

Yes, PocketMEDIA downloads content to the iPad so it can be used in situations where there is no internet. This is useful if you have teams working in hospitals, construction sites or other environments with limited or no connectivity.