PowerPoint and KeyNote are still the cornerstone of the presentation world, but every year new tools appear that attempt to reimagine how you make presentations. Here’s a few I’ve learned about recently.



Pitch is a presentation tool built for team collaboration. This means it gives you tools to help several people manage the creation of a pitch deck or presentation. We haven’t tried it yet, but the collaboration features look brilliant. It also looks like it helps you avoid getting bogged down with styling and layout issues, which is a good thing in our book.



I’m a big fan of Paste and have used it for years. It’s an opinionated online presentation authoring tool that makes a lot of decisions for you, which saves you time. We wrote a whole blog post on it here. If you don’t mind giving up a little big of creative control, and need to work quickly when making slide decks, Paste is for you.



Hyperdeck is a newcomer to the presentation party and is all about speed. You can use it to create a slide deck in a very short time by simply typing. It supports animations too. You’ll need to learn some basic Markdown, which is actually quite simple and you might have already used it when creating WordPress posts or writing in Slack or Reddit.



Slides isn’t for everyone, mainly because it’s aimed at software developers. However, if you have specific needs then could be worth considering. For example, do you need to embed maths formulas? Or interactive buttons that reveal data or animations? Or vertical slides that add depth to your presentation? Probably all a bit techie for most, but could be worth a look.

Some other ideas

You could also ditch the presentation and create a video, using a tool such as Tella.tv or mmhmm.

The Mindmeister mind mapping tool also can output presentations, so could be worth a look.