I love good looking presentations, but the problem is: I’m a bit lazy.

My role as a company director involves a lot of sales. The thing is, I started out as an engineer, and perhaps that’s why I’m always looking for quicker ways to do things. So, when it comes to putting presentations together I find fiddling with KeyNote or PowerPoint slides too time-consuming.

I discovered Paste a while back. It’s an alternative to PowerPoint, and it’s perfect for quickly putting together professional presentations.

Is it going to work for you?

I’d say yes if:

  • You prefer your slides to show, not tell
  • You want to focus on content, not fiddle with layout
  • You don’t mind using an online tool for creating slide decks
  • You won’t get into trouble for avoiding your corporate template
  • You’re lazy, like me 🙂

Here’s one I made earlier

Ever had to make a deck on the morning of a meeting? I remember getting up at 6 am to have this one done in time for a meeting at 10 am. I was presenting to a CTO and CEO and wanted to make a good impression. I think it took me two hours. This screenshot is only 30% of the deck, there is a lot more to it!

All the shadows and styling are done for me, which saves loads of time.

This post mentions minutes though, not hours. So, here’s a crack at something smaller.

From zero to deck in 11 minutes

I set myself the challenge of creating a sample slide deck in minutes using whatever images I could get my hands on. I worked out the structure beforehand.

For this example, I’m making a sales deck to support a conversation about PocketMEDIA. It seemed like a natural choice! Here’s the outline.

  • Cover slide
  • Why should you care about PocketMEDIA?
  • How are others benefitting from it?
  • How to get your free trial

It took me 11 minutes to create this deck. That included finding the images, taking screenshots for this article and writing the content.

Here’s some of the behind the scenes process:

I basically added a blank template. Wrote out some high level content. then started adding images and colour. And then done!

Useful features

  • You can create your own templates
  • You can set your own brand fonts and logo
  • You can copy and paste images in, and it makes a good guess at how to colour and layout your slide based on the content
  • You can easily export as PDF or share directly online

Does it work with PocketMEDIA?

Yup. Because Paste can export as PDF files, it’s really easy to get the output into PocketMEDIA where you can present it in meetings and share with clients.