When salespeople meet customers, they inevitably need to share documents with them. Leave pieces, fact sheets, manuals, that kind of thing. Doing this one-at-a-time can be tedious. So, you can now add several documents to the Sharing Tray and later share them with a customer in one click.

You can share PDFs, videos, images or any other file in your PocketMEDIA library. Remember, your administrator may not have allowed each document to be shared. Some documents are sensitive and for internal use only. So don’t be alarmed if you don’t see the sharing option for all documents.

Once shared, customers will receive an email with a list of one or more documents they can click to download.

This works better than an attachment because it doesn’t matter if you’re sharing a huge video file or a set of 10 images – the email won’t bounce for being too big. Example email below.