I spend quite a lot of time speaking to sales, marketing and operational folk about their content challenges. Here are a few things that have come up over the last 12 months.

Breaking down silos

Businesses with a diverse set of products and services might have specialist salespeople dedicated to each. Many businesses see the potential to remove these silos so that each salesperson can sell a broader range of products, ultimately making them more effective.

When it comes to distributing content to the sales team, all content must be visible to all salespeople. From a content management perspective, good content structuring and search are needed to make this workable.

I’ve seen this where sales teams are looking to be more efficient to reduce costs. Also, when a manufacturer has several sales teams bought into a single group through acquisitions. They want to increase the chance of cross-selling to maximise the potential of the group.

Less is more

Interestingly, many sales teams are looking to reduce the amount of sales collateral they have. They want fewer documents, and they want each to have more impact.

Furthermore, they want to collate the most relevant content for the customer sales pitch, adapted to that particular customer’s needs in that particular moment.

This is where decision-led pathways can help. Essentially, the sales rep can take a different route through a document depending on their situation. So the document ends being more like an interactive, adaptable resource than just a linear story for a generic sales scenario. It means that the salesperson only shares parts of the offering that are relevant to that particular interaction.

If you have used a sales enablement platform before, you’ll probably have access to each document’s analytics in your library. It can be quite concerning to see that some brochures are barely used, especially if they require significant investment to create.

Everything in one place

Another challenge that sales teams have to battle with is having lots of information in separate places. As businesses adopt more and more sales enablement solutions this problem becomes exaggerated. For example, you might have your content in a sales content distribution app, your customer information and deal history in SalesForce, your stock levels in your Dynamics, and your order processing in a separate commerce app.

In a perfect world, there would be a way to pull all these capabilities into one place to allow for easier processing.

Note: PocketMEDIA has page-level analytics to show not only which documents are being used by the sales team, but also which pages receive the most views and for the longest. However, PocketMEDIA doesn’t yet support decision-led pathways or data integrations, it’s something we’re considering.